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Johnny Da Piedade, le producteur de l'émission Country "the Big Cactus Country Radio show" fort de 10 ans de succès auprès de ses 138 radios FM et Webradios partenaires, retourne aujourd'hui à sa première passion, le Rock !

Avec une émission baptisée BCC-Rock Radio show autrement dit Big Cactus Classic Rock Radio show. A L'écoute de BCC Rock vous allez vous replonger au coeur du "Classic Rock"! Celui des Hits des années 70 jusqu'à aujourd'hui. BCC-Rock c'est avant tout un programme spécialement constitué du meilleur du Rock formaté pour la Radio FM ou Webradio ! BCC-Rock c'est du Hard ou Heavy Rock, du Blues Rock , du Rock Progressif ou encore du Southern Rock en passant par quelques douceurs avec les sons de cote Ouest des USA. Sans oublier tout le gratin du Rock FM Californien des années 80 / 90 mixés avec les meilleurs groupes de la scène Rock FM revival scandinave et Britannique qui assurent la relève avec un style musical rebaptisé "AOR ou Melodic Rock. BCC-Rock c'est 4 fois 14 minutes de Rock calibré pour la radio avec 50% de nouveautés à savourer bien souvent en avant première, 25% de Hits et Classiques du Rock et 25% de groupes à découvrir d'urgence ici !
Johnny Da Piedade

Ecoutez le BCC Rock radio show en version podcast ici.

BCC Rock radio show est un programme produit et présenté par Johnny Da Piedade, plus d'info:

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Jul 18, 2018 | 23:03 pm

    POISON drummer Rikki Rockett was interviewed on a recent episode of the "Nothing Shocking" podcast. You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.Asked if he ever felt pigeonholed into a particular sound once POISON became a huge commercial success, Rikki said: "Definitely. Listen, we get judged on what we looked like and sounded like on an album that happened 32 years ago [referring to POISON's debut LP, 1986's 'Look What The Cat Dragged In']. How does everybody else like to be judged on what they did and looked like 32 years ago? Now, I'm proud of what we did — don't get me wrong — but even by [1988's] 'Open Up And Say... Ahh!', which was the next record, our look and our sound had evolved. And by [1990's] 'Flesh & Blood', our look had evolved and our sound had evolved. And on and on. So it myopically gets overlooked, all those things. And people go, 'Oh, yeah, yeah, yeah. That hair band' — that kind of thing. And usually when people say those things, it's usually because they wanna say something bad. But I always tell new artists, 'Be very careful about what you put out there at the very beginning, because people are gonna judge you forever, what you did that very first record.'"Rockett also talked about feeling frustrated by the fact that the bluesier overtones in POISON's music were sometimes ignored due the fact that everyone was so focused on the band's image."I think all rock is based in the blues, for one thing," he said. "And with us, glitter rock of the '70s was only a part of what influenced this band. That was more or less what… We took pieces of what that looked like, because that was more exciting to look at than just jeans and a t-shirt at the time. And then sound-wise, man, we pooled from everywhere. I mentioned FOGHAT [earlier in the interview], but we pooled from LYNYRD SKYNYRD, we pooled from KISS, VAN HALEN — everything. And even punk rock bands. I mean, C.C. [DeVille, guitar] grew up in Brooklyn; there was a huge punk rock and new wave movement in that city. So that influence comes out on the guitar. You definitely hear it in songs like 'Talk Dirty To Me' and stuff like that. And Bobby [Dall, bass] was such a [LED] ZEPPELIN fan. Our influences definitely are clear all over the songs that we wrote, but sometimes the baby does get thrown out with the bathwater."Rikki went on to say that he "stopped really worrying about impressing" other people because the only people that matter, at the end of the day, at the POISON fans. "I mean, here it is, 32 years later, and we're still doing this," he said. "That's cool. I'm not impressed by us — I'm impressed by our fans, supporting us. That's what I'm impressed by. Of course, we're gonna keep doing this as long as we can do this and as long as it makes sense. I mean, why wouldn't we?"POISON kicked off the "Nothin' But A Good Time 2018" tour with CHEAP TRICK and POP EVIL on May 18 at the FivePoint Amphitheatre in Irvine, California.POISON's last album of new material was 2002's "Hollyweird". Back in 2007, they released "Poison'd", an album of covers.Rockett recently celebrated two years cancer free after undergoing an experimental treatment. He was diagnosed with oral cancer back in 2015.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Jul 18, 2018 | 21:36 pm

    STONE SOUR drummer Roy Mayorga was interviewed by Underground's Voice before the band's July 11 concert at Coliseu dos Recreios in Lisbon, Portugal. You can now watch the chat below.Asked how he and the rest of STONE SOUR felt when guitarist Josh Rand announced in January that he was leaving the band's tour to seek out treatment for "an alcohol and Xanax dependency," Roy said: "Oh, we felt horrible about that. But you know what? We were behind him all the way. He's our brother. Whatever time he needed to take off to take care of whatever he needed to take care of, we were there for him; he's our bro. But, yeah, it was definitely a bummer to do it without him, but he told us, 'I've gotta go do this.'"Moyorga went on to say that Rand "seemed fine at first" when STONE SOUR began touring in support of its latest album, "Hydrograd". "And then we started seeing… definitely feeling something," he explained. "And by the end of our last tour, he was, like, 'Yeah, I've gotta sit this one out,' so he did."Rand emerged from treatment in April and admitted he had been struggling with Xanax and alcohol dependencies. He told the Des Moines, Iowa radio station Lazer 103.3 that he was first prescribed Xanax eight years ago for anxiety related to flying. He added: "And then over the course of the last couple years, I started drinking and when we started touring, I was basically day-drinking. But not drinking to get messed up, but just to maintain, I guess. Or to be able to cope, to have this buzz."The guitarist said he just started feeling "horrible and miserable" and that things came to a head for him in January on the ShipRocked cruise.Rand recalled: "We were flying from Florida back up to Canada, and, basically, we were in the airport and I just had made the decision that I had to come home. Luckily, I had the support of the other guys and my family to make that decision. I had hit a wall and knew that I needed to regroup and deal with my stuff. So that's what I did."STONE SOUR enlisted a temporary replacement for its Canadian tour, which started at the end of January in British Columbia."Hydrograd" came out in June 2017 and features the chart-topping rock radio hit "Song #3".STONE SOUR will support Ozzy Osbourne on the initial North American leg of the legendary vocalist's "No More Tours 2" tour, which kicks off August 30 in Allentown, Pennsylvania.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Jul 18, 2018 | 21:06 pm

    MEGADETH guitarist Kiko Loureiro was recently interviewed by Loud Trax. You can now watch the chat below.Speaking about the very first concert he played as a member of MEGADETH, which took place in July 2015 at the Festival D'été De Québec (also known as by its acronym FEQ, or Quebec City Summer Festival in English), in Quebec City, Quebec, Canada, Kiko said: "[There] was a very slippery stage, because it was raining. That was tough, man. That concert was really difficult, but it was fun. Because I finished recording [my tracks for MEGADETH's 'Dystopia' album], and then they said, 'Okay, we're gonna wait for the release of the album, so then we'll start touring, so don't worry about learning the old songs.' But then I got a phone call or an e-mail or something, 'Oh, we're gonna have a one-off, just this festival in Quebec,' so I had now to learn 20 songs. And I was on tour with my previous band, ANGRA, so I had to do tour stuff. So I had to learn all those songs in the airport or hotel rooms and stuff like that. And then we had three days of rehearsal. And Dave [Mustaine] and [David] Ellefson, they had been playing those songs for a lifetime. Me and Chris [Adler, who played drums on 'Dystopia'], [we were, like], 'Three days? Really?' And then, actually, the rehearsal was more about the equipment or everything about the production itself — not really playing for three days. So we didn't play the whole show [in rehearsal]; we didn't play the concert. We just played some songs, and Dave was kind of correcting me — some stuff I was playing differently than the album, and stuff like that, and then 70, 80, a hundred thousand people three days later, slippery stage… Yeah, it was tough, Quebec. So that was my debut. I will never forget it."Asked if he tries to play the classic MEGADETH songs his own way or he if he makes an effort to stay true to the way the original guitar players recorded the tracks, Kiko said: "When it comes to the rhythm parts, I play with Dave [Mustaine], so I have to match the way he plays, which is really hard, because he has his unique way of playing the rhythms, the riffs. That was the toughest part, I have to say. But now, I'm playing way better — the rhythms and the riffs now. I'm learning with the master, so it's great for me. And the solos, I don't play much [along to the albums] — I just listen and I try to get the vibe of the solos of the song, and then I keep listening and listening, and then I get the instrument and then I try to play. I've been playing guitar for many, many years, so I think it's just a combination of the feeling that I get from the song and then the way I play."Mustaine told Revolver magazine that finding Loureiro "was really a mind-blower. It was the first time since Marty Friedman joined the band that I was really intimidated as a player," he said. "He's such an amazing talent, and he's been coming in with all of these fresh ideas." Mustaine has also called Loureiro the "best guitarist we've ever had," adding that he was a good fit personality wise. "Chris [Broderick] and I had a good chemistry, but we weren't really as close as I would have wanted us to be," Mustaine explained. "Kiko, I feel like I've known him for years."MEGADETH's 15th studio album, "Dystopia", was released in January 2016. A follow-up effort is tentatively due next year.


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