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Johnny Da Piedade, le producteur de l'émission Country "the Big Cactus Country Radio show" fort de 10 ans de succès auprès de ses 138 radios FM et Webradios partenaires, retourne aujourd'hui à sa première passion, le Rock !

Avec une émission baptisée BCC-Rock Radio show autrement dit Big Cactus Classic Rock Radio show. A L'écoute de BCC Rock vous allez vous replonger au coeur du "Classic Rock"! Celui des Hits des années 70 jusqu'à aujourd'hui. BCC-Rock c'est avant tout un programme spécialement constitué du meilleur du Rock formaté pour la Radio FM ou Webradio ! BCC-Rock c'est du Hard ou Heavy Rock, du Blues Rock , du Rock Progressif ou encore du Southern Rock en passant par quelques douceurs avec les sons de cote Ouest des USA. Sans oublier tout le gratin du Rock FM Californien des années 80 / 90 mixés avec les meilleurs groupes de la scène Rock FM revival scandinave et Britannique qui assurent la relève avec un style musical rebaptisé "AOR ou Melodic Rock. BCC-Rock c'est 4 fois 14 minutes de Rock calibré pour la radio avec 50% de nouveautés à savourer bien souvent en avant première, 25% de Hits et Classiques du Rock et 25% de groupes à découvrir d'urgence ici !
Johnny Da Piedade

Ecoutez le BCC Rock radio show en version podcast ici.

BCC Rock radio show est un programme produit et présenté par Johnny Da Piedade, plus d'info:

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Feb 21, 2019 | 12:52 pm

    CREED Singer SCOTT STAPP Signs With NAPALM RECORDS Napalm Records has announced the signing of Grammy Award-winning, multi-platinum songwriter and vocalist Scott Stapp. One of rock's biggest names, Stapp is known as frontman for CREED (over 50 million albums sold worldwide), and for his work as a solo artist who released the platinum-certified "The Great Divide" (2005) and "Proof Of Life" (2013), which featured his first solo Billboard No. 1, "Slow Suicide".Stapp went through a highly publicized, drug-inflamed meltdown in 2014, after which he entered into an intensive rehab program. Stapp also lost custody of his three children during this period, while also missing a court hearing and allegedly threatening to kill President Obama.Stapp is now sober and in intensive therapy. He takes medication for bipolar disorder — a condition that causes unexpected shifts in mood, energy and activity levels — works through a twelve-step program, and meets with a sponsor, saying, "Nothing is more important than my sobriety."His evolution, both personally and professionally, reflects a powerful vocal style from an artist with a strong sense of purpose in sharing the silver lining of his survival. As someone who benefited from the work of music industry organization, MusiCares, Scott spoke about his journey while attending the organization's annual "Person Of The Year" awards ahead of this year's Grammy Awards."I still have a lot of music ahead me and without MusiCares that wouldn't have been possible," he said. "They provided support and helped educate my wife and I on what we were going through, that it was a disease, and if I did my part, it could be treated and recovered from. Thanks to MusiCares and my family, I'm going on five years sober."Stapp has found a way to give purpose to the pain that has taught him so much. As such, he is an inspiration to others who struggle with the often over-lapping illnesses of addiction and depression. With Napalm, he looks forward to returning to the stage, stronger than ever."Obviously, we were thrilled at the prospect of aligning with Scott from the first conversation and our excitement has only deepened as this partnership has developed," said Napalm Records CEO Thomas Caser. "He is a true professional, one of the most passionate live entertainers we've seen on a stage, and we know rock fans will be blown away by his evolution."Stapp is managed by Andy Gould of Spectacle Entertainment Group, booked by Paradigm Talent Agency, and signed to Reservoir Media for publishing.Left to right in photo below: Thomas Caser (CEO Napalm Records), Scott Stapp, Andy Gould (Spectacle Entertainment Group), Markus Riedler (CEO Napalm Records)

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Feb 21, 2019 | 12:19 pm

    LAMB OF GOD guitarist Mark Morton has told Consequence Of Sound that he and his bandmates have been working on new material for their upcoming studio album. "It's got its own energy, and there are a lot of ideas bouncing around, and we've definitely been actively working on that lately," he said.As for a possible release date for the next LAMB disc, Mark said: "I can't give you a timeline. I can't tell you 2019, 2020, 'cause I don't know yet, but definitely some new LAMB stuff coming together and feels really good."Asked how his solo project and singer Randy Blythe's new band OVER IT ALL may affect the dynamics of LAMB OF GOD, Morton said: "I don't worry so much about that at this stage. LAMB OF GOD has been a band for a couple of decades or better now, and our creative process is pretty firmly in place. I feel like LAMB OF GOD still has a lot left to do, and I know for a fact we're still very motivated about new material and energized about what we're capable of doing next. In terms of the side projects, it depends on the situation. If you're doing a side project out of spite or frustration, maybe that's not a positive thing. I don't think that's ever been the case in our band. For my part, doing a side project, honestly, when I come back to LAMB, I'm a little more focused, and I can hone in a little more on what is right for LAMB OF GOD. Instead of having all these outside styles to force through that filter, I can focus a little more on what's appropriate for LAMB OF GOD. Not that we're limited by our history, but there are certain components in LAMB OF GOD that are mainstays. I don't think it hurts to do side projects, especially well into your career. I think it's a cool thing."LAMB OF GOD's latest release was a covers album, "Legion: XX", which was made available under the BURN THE PRIEST banner in May 2018 via Nuclear Blast in Europe and Epic Records in the U.S.A LAMB OF GOD EP called "The Duke" came out in November 2016 via Epic. The EP's title track, which was recorded during the sessions for the band's last full-length collection of all-new original material, "VII: Sturm Und Drang", was inspired by the plight of a LAMB OF GOD fan named Wayne Ford, who was diagnosed with leukemia in 2010 and died five years later at the age of 33.LAMB OF GOD recently supported SLAYER on the North American leg of the latter band's farewell world tour.Morton's solo album, "Anesthetic", is due out March 1. The disc's latest single, "Cross Off", features a guest appearance by late LINKIN PARK singer Chester Bennington.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Feb 21, 2019 | 11:46 am

    Former KORN drummer David Silveria says that the only way he could see himself ever playing with the band again is if they were inducted into the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame.Silveria, who drummed on all of KORN's recordings through 2005's "See You On The Other Side" album, made the comment during an appearance on the latest installment of the "Talk Toomey" podcast.Asked if he thinks he will ever reunite with KORN on stage, either for a one-off concert appearance or at a hypothetical Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame induction, Silveria said (hear audio below): "I think it's a good possibility I could play with them at the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame, but I don't see anything past that."David also talked about his absence from the rock scene for more than a decade after his exit from KORN. "For quite a few of those years, I owned two restaurants, and I was mainly just working on the restaurants — I was managing the restaurants," he explained. "And then I sold one of them, and then I eventually decided to merge with some partners to take over the day-to-day for the second one. That was years where I was doing that, and I just got kind of sick of doing it and I just wanted to play music again."One of the top-selling rock acts of the 1990s and early 2000s, KORN is eligible for the Rock And Roll Hall Of Fame for the first time in 2019.Artists are eligible for the Rock Hall 25 years after the release of their first album or single. Criteria for inclusion includes "the influence and significance of the artist's contributions to the development and perpetuation of rock and roll."KORN recently sued Silveria for allegedly violating the terms of the deal they negotiated with him three years ago.Silveria, who left KORN in late 2006, sued his former bandmates in February 2015, claiming that his exit from the group was merely a hiatus and that he was rebuffed when he tried to return to the band in 2013.When Silveria sued KORN in 2015, he was said to be especially upset over the fact that the band welcomed back guitarist Brian "Head" Welch six years ago but wouldn't do the same for him. Welch left the group in 2005 and continued as a solo artist before rejoining in 2013.KORN singer Jonathan Davis told The Pulse Of Radio that he believed Silveria had lost his passion for playing music, saying: "The first two albums, I think, he really enjoyed playing drums and then after that he just lost his love for playing drums. It happens."David told fans in 2013 that KORN was not the same since he left, saying, "Until they have the real 'funky drummer' it's just not gonna groove the way it could. I've made it clear that I would come back and restore the groove."Silveria recently launched a new band called BIAS. He is joined in the Orange County, California-based group by bassist Chris Dorame, guitarists Joe Taback and Mike Martin and singer Rich Nguyen.Silveria, Dorame and Taback previously played together in CORE 10, which "imploded" last year after releasing a couple of singles and playing a number of local shows.


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