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BCCRock Radio Show Best AOR Albums of 2016

This year it was too hard to count the TOP 20 so here is The BCC Rock Radio show TOP 26 

2016's Best AOR Melodic Rock albums !

The BCC Rock radio show is broadcasted every week on 80 french speaking radios and on BCC Rock Radio 

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Here is The BCC Rock Radio show TOP 10 Best Southern Rock - Blues Rock album of 2016

The BCC Rock radio show is broadcasted every week on 80 french speaking radios and on BCC Rock Radio 

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Heavy Metal And Hard Rock News

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Oct 16, 2017 | 22:55 pm

    CINDERELLA frontman Tom Keifer was interviewed for episode 354 of the "Iron City Rocks" podcast (web site). You can now listen to the chat using the audio player below.Speaking about how the forthcoming deluxe edition of his 2013 "The Way Life Goes" debut solo album came to be, Tom said: "The deluxe edition was an idea that we talked about back in 2014, after the record had been released. It came out, it was really well-received by the fans and the press and at that time, we thought it would be cool to do an expanded edition that included some stuff that we were going to record that were songs that came about or collaborations or versions of songs that came about during the course of touring for the record at the time. One of them being 'With A Little Help From My Friends', which was the first collaborative, creative effort by my touring band. From day one, we've been doing that song.We've done a hard rock or hyped-up version of the Joe Cocker version. We've been doing that on the encore the whole time we've been touring. We've gotten countless requests for a studio version of that. And then the other one being the duet of 'Nobody's Fool' with Lzzy Hale [HALESTORM] which is another thing that came out about as a result of touring. We did some shows with HALESTORM on 'The Way Life Goes' tour. That's been all over YouTube and we've performed a bunch of times at various shows. Again, another track people have asking for a studio version of."The idea of putting out the deluxe edition actually got put on the backburner for a long time because we had a change in labels in distribution along the way, unfortunately," he continued. "There was, for lack of a better word, a bit of a corporate shake-up after the record was released. The record got caught in the middle of that, unfortunately. That happens sometimes. It actually went away for a couple of years. It hasn't been available online or in stores, so we've continued to tour and we've had to do a little bit of lawyering to get the master back. Once we did, last year, we got into the studio and we recorded these bonus tracks and recorded the documentary of us in the studio working with Vance Powell recording these new tracks, which is also part of the set that's in there. It's got all this new artwork and all. The decision was originally, 'Hey, we're going to do a deluxe edition.' Then the record had that setback that I talked about. Now, it really makes sense just getting it back out there online and on the shelves for everybody, it makes sense more than ever now, to include this new material with it. I think those songs really make sense with this record as opposed to maybe, we've kind of talked about, 'Everybody wants studio recordings of these songs.' They don't really make sense on the new record because they felt like they're part of this tour and part of this record. They really came out amazing. The energy on both tracks are very cool. They were recorded after the fact. They're just not leftovers from the original sessions, which I think makes them a little more unique."Keifer also talked about whether he has plans to go into the studio to record an all-new solo album. He said: "Yes, absolutely. We want to do a follow-up record to 'The Way Life Goes', a proper studio record. I've been writing along the way as we've been touring. This has kind of been a work in progress. As the title says, 'It's the way life goes.' We've had some curveballs along the way with the release of this record. I don't think people know about this record getting removed for a couple of years, but a lot of fans know that. When we got it back, we felt we should do this expanded version we were talking about. All the while we've been out touring and building this new band out there and the tour trail, there's been song ideas and seeds of ideas for songs that have been building up and piling up and that's usually how it starts for me. I think that's what any great record is made from, is great songs that are inspired by real things. We've been out touring, playing music, meeting people, living life and gathering seeds for new songs. That's how it's always worked for me going back to the CINDERELLA days. There's a lot of stuff starting to build up that when we are finished touring for the deluxe edition, we're going to start really finishing up those songs and writing them and getting into the studio, we're hoping by the end of next year and that will be with the touring band we're going to take into the studio. Because that went really well on the bonus tracks; that's the first time we all recorded together because the original release was recorded over a number of years here in Nashville with session players. When the touring band started playing live, there was such a great chemistry with us right off the bat. Going in and recording these bonus tracks, it translated into the studio very well. It doesn't work that way. It was nice that happened. It's really solidified as a band now, both live and in the studio. We'll be making that new record with this band, who are just amazing. That is in the works already in terms of the song ideas starting to pile up. That's the first step.""The Way Life Goes - Deluxe Edition" will be made available on October 20 via Cleopatra Records.Keifer was released from hospital on Sunday — one day after he was forced to cancel a Pennsylvania concert because he was taken ill with heat exhaustion and severe dehydration. The CINDERELLA frontman's publicist later said that he "was transported to a local hospital where he underwent tests and was kept overnight." He plans to return to his performance schedule later in the week.Interview (audio):

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Oct 16, 2017 | 22:31 pm

    Corrine Brislin from Australia's Harvey Community Radio 96.5 FM recently conducted an interview with frontman Mark Tornillo of German/American metal veterans ACCEPT. You can listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below. A few excerpts follow (transcribed by BLABBERMOUTH.NET).On the response to ACCEPT's new "The Rise Of Chaos" studio album:Mark: "It seems to me it's been very good. We're actually playing the first show tomorrow, so I'll know a little more, but from what I can see online and from what I've heard from people I know and fans that I've spoken with, everybody seems to be receiving it pretty well."On how "The Rise Of Chaos" differs from ACCEPT's previous releases:Mark: "I don't think it differs a whole lot. We pretty much, the last four records have been on a continuous songwriting carousel, I think. We're really not looking to reinvent the wheel; we're looking to keep ACCEPT where it was in the '80s and '90s. We're really staying in the same vein, I don't think it's different that much, except this one is a little bit heavier than [2014's] 'Blind Rage' and the subject matter changes, obviously, this one being 'The Rise Of Chaos', we're really just taking a hard look at the world and commenting on it."On whether ACCEPT has benefited from being around since 1976 and what has stood out to him as career highlights:Mark: "Experience is definitely something you can't buy. Of course, the experience plays a key role in this whole thing. I think the breaks actually play a key role in the whole thing as well because I was out of the thing myself, coming back into it with a fresh mind and a fresh vigor for the business, which Peter [Baltes, bass] and Wolf [Hoffmann, guitar] had because they hadn't done it for so long. You can enjoy it again, whereas the beginning of the '90s, the scene had changed, metal was not what it was, grunge had come in and all these other things were going on and all of us, I, myself, just walked away. I'm playing stuff I didn't want to play. I certainly wasn't going to join a wedding band like some of my fellow musicians. I'll go do what I normally do - I went back to being an electrician, then this comes along and believe me, I'm enjoying myself. But you can't put a price on experience, Wolf, especially, when it comes to stage setting and things most people have no idea how to do things. He's the behind the scenes guy that puts it all together."On what moment in his career with ACCEPT stands out the most:Mark: "We actually did two open air shows with AC/DC in Germany in 2010. It was the second tour I did with ACCEPT. We did two open-air shows with AC/DC, eighty-thousand people, both of them. Open for AC/DC? Come on! It was like 'Hello!' This year, playing Wacken [Open Air festival] with the orchestra. That was just off the charts."On playing in front of AC/DC's notoriously tough fans:Mark: "Believe it or not, their fans liked us, because they don't like anyone. [Laughs] When you go on, it's the kiss of death opening for AC/DC. [The fans are yelling] 'Get off! Get off!' Luckily, we were in Germany, obviously we're in ACCEPT's backyard. Some people knew who we were and those who didn't gave us the time of day and jumped onboard."On whether he's sick of playing ACCEPT live staples "Balls To The Wall" and "Fast As A Shark":Mark: "No. I don't think so. I get the same rush doing them every night. I wouldn't be doing it if I didn't like it. This is what we live for. Luckily, their classics are just a collection of wonderful songs. I really couldn't be any happier to go out and sing those songs, and of course, the new ones that we've done on the last four albums as well, obviously. The classic tracks, no, I don't get tired of them, not really. The fact that I was an ACCEPT fan had a lot to do with me taking this job because I was familiar with their catalog. I thought to myself 'You're singing these songs every night.' Okay, that's not such a bad thing! That's pretty good. It could be a lot worse. You could join [a different band] and go 'Oh really. I have to sing this tonight?'""The Rise Of Chaos" was released on August 4 via Nuclear Blast. The cover artwork for the disc was created by the Hungarian artist Gyula Havancsák. The follow-up to 2014's "Blind Rage" is the first ACCEPT album to feature the band's latest additions, guitarist Uwe Lulis (GRAVE DIGGER, REBELLION) and drummer Christopher Williams.

  • BLABBERMOUTH.NET Oct 16, 2017 | 21:50 pm

    The "Talkhouse" podcast recently conducted an interview with vocalist Chuck D (PUBLIC ENEMY) and guitarist Tom Morello (RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE, ex-AUDIOSLAVE) about their new band, PROPHETS OF RAGE. You can listen to the chat using the SoundCloud widget below.Asked about their views on American protest music, Tom said: "If we're talking about the history of American protest music and how it's changed, I think there's one element that hasn't changed is that people in whatever vocation they're in, whether they're musicians or journalists or carpenters or whatever, that have a conscious that feels there's injustice in the world, some percentage of them are going to fight back. Some of them are going to act up in their line of work, whether it's through the carpenter's union or through some student demonstrations or in concerts or in studios. I believe those are all in the world of music, those are all links, in folk music, you talk about there's links in the chain. From the prison chain gangs of Louisiana through the music of Woody Guthrie, Pete Seeger, Phil Ochs, Bob Dylan and into the punk rock era of the SEX PISTOLS and THE CLASH then PUBLIC ENEMY and then you've got the SYSTEM OF A DOWNs and RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINEs and the countless artists who do not chart, but are making music that's impactful and thousands of demonstrations around the world throughout the course of decades."Morello and Chuck D also talked about the implications of taking a political side has on a musician's career and whether any newer artists are willing to go out on a limb like they are to express their political beliefs: "Any time I post anything on my social media, whether it's a tweet or whether it's an Instagram that tangentially talks about [President Donald] Trump or neo-Nazis, people will vehemently not be your fan," said Tom. "I know on our current record, there are some stations in the red [Republican Party] states that will not play a PROPHETS OF RAGE song because of the lyrical content. So, if you have to be someone who goes 'I don't fucking care. This is what I believe in. I'm going to do that.' But in an age where it's a near-impossibility to make a living as a musician, people do that calculation. Like, 'Do I want to alienate forty to fifty-five percent of a potential audience by taking a political stand and maybe not have a 'career' in the music industry or do I say what I believe and let the chips fall where they may? We've always let the chips fall where they may, but I understand that kind of societal pressure to water it down."Chuck added: "There has to be people like us that need to be able to encourage a person that loves music and wants to make music that they can make some sort of living off of making music. Not that they're going to be able to ride around in PJs and limos and stuff like that, but the society has to be able to uphold someone who wants to be able to be a musician. I think it's necessary for someone to learn to be able to play guitar. Chords are real; chords are a vibration of life. They receive chords for things that go beyond us having a tangible explanations. Like, 'I feel good because the way the person played.' Even if it's a harp or whatever. I think this support of encouraging musicians that they could be okay when they get a sense of themselves and saying things people need and it will come around. I don't know if that's utopian, but somebody has to say something, because at the end of the day, corporations having a major say on whether a person is going to be a musician or not, that can't happen."PROPHETS OF RAGE, the supergroup featuring Chuck D, Morello and other members of RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE alongside CYPRESS HILL's B-Real, released its self-titled debut album on September 15. The disc was recorded with legendary producer Brendan O'Brien who has done notable work with RAGE AGAINST THE MACHINE and AUDIOSLAVE.


AOR Melodic Rock News

  • News Feed Oct 16, 2017 | 11:48 am

    MADMAN'S LULLABY Sign To MelodicRock Records

    MelodicRock Records is excited to announce the next release on the label. This band rocks hard!
    This album is so ass-kickingly intense, so brain numbingly supersonic, that we dare only put 9 tracks on the disc! To add a 10th song would clearly risk the listeners head exploding.
    Please welcome American no-nonsense hard rockers MADMAN’S LULLABY for their new album Sins Of Greed, which will be released just in time for the silly season, November 24.
    Madman’s Lullaby have been rocking us since 2007 and their 4th album is the one that sees them deliver everything you’ve loved about them in the past, with an even more high energy sonic hard rocking attack.

  • News Feed Oct 13, 2017 | 13:01 pm

    MECCA 'The Demos' Audio Preview & Pre-Order!

    The name MECCA is synonymous with quality AOR and melodic rock. Each of the 3 albums released to date have been crafted over several years, with each song racking up a seriously impressive number of demos, alternative versions, re-writes and re-mixes before being labelled “done”.
    So, while we wait for a new set of songs to go through that lengthy process, Joe Vana has given MelodicRock Records the green light to delve back into the many folders of Mecca music that has built up since the 2002 debut, to bring you a very cool limited edition release –

  • News Feed Oct 13, 2017 | 12:14 pm

    ANVIL 'Pound The Pavement' January 2018

    Of course there are bands that have garnered higher chart positions, sold more albums and filled bigger venues than Anvil. Yet there are few metal acts that have earned as much respect from their colleagues as the Canadian act surrounding vocalist/guitarist Steve ´Lips` Kudlow and drummer Robb Reiner.